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The most powerful steps to beat COVID-19 panic

Almost everyone agrees that the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the scariest things our society has experienced, but I can’t help and wonder if that’s really true.

All Or Nothing Is a “Thing” And It Sabotages Our Life

It was always a matter of all or nothing. If I wasn’t turning up at one rehearsal after years of being always there, I’d lose the part I’ve worked hard for.

Do you feel lonely at Xmas time? I feel you…

2009-2015 Xmases and New Years were a mix of loneliness, hunger, no home and hoping someone will invite me to spend the Xmas with them or a family member can visit me and help me feel less lonely.

Here Is The Best Way To Beat A Sexist

Four minutes in our supposed brainstorming session he pushes his chair, nervously and aggressively, and asks everyone to leave the room, except me. At this point, I know trouble is coming.

The Mind Replays What The Heart Can’t Delete

It’s true. If we are hurt because of something, if we can’t understand and therefore can’t get to terms with something, if we can’t forgive…