All Or Nothing Is a “Thing” And It Sabotages Our Life

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It was always a matter of all or nothing. If I wasn’t turning up at one rehearsal after years of being always there, I’d lose the part I’ve worked hard for. It didn’t matter if I was sick or not, I’d lose the part that I earned. The mentality around me was pretty much all or nothing. You can also call it black or white.
What we’re conditioned with from early age, shapes not only our core beliefs but also our behaviour. And if we don’t stop and have a look at our patterns of behaviour (and where they actually come from) we might continue behaving in a way that was not our choice, but we learned it and adopted as ours.

This all or nothing mentality can totally block us from making the first move. Or it can tell us to give up. It harms us in more ways than we actually realise.

All or nothing is an extreme way of living. It sabotages progress. If we don’t get the whole thing then we might not even start with a small step. Or if we fucked up our food regime with one cookie we might as well eat the entire box. If the friend is not 100% here when we need them but only 80% we resent the friend and eventually lose. We always lose out on things when we are black and white, all or nothing. It’s always a waiting game.
Some people never start meditation because they decided that they have to sit for an hour each day. How about 2 minutes?
You might not start your yoga today because you’re still waiting for your new mat.
Who cares about the mat?

Those are all limiting beliefs. And life is never all or nothing. It’s always gradual progress that rules nature.

If you can’t afford Tony Robbins coaching, find someone else credible to help you with your shit.
If you can’t buy a house rent in the area where you want to buy. Taste what it’s like. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow for all you know. You’ve lived. You tried things out. And no one gets it all to start with. That’s all wishful bullshit.
Don’t make the greed for big things stop you from doing what you can do today and don’t allow it to ruin the good work you’ve done so far because of a hiccup.
Go for baby steps and your blank pages will make for a fine and interesting memoir.


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