Here Is The Best Way To Beat A Sexist

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It was one of those odd sunny days in London. I couldn’t believe how far I came in this city. Bang in the middle of one of the most prestigious parts of London, here I was climbing my career ladder against all hopes I had at that time.sexist

He called me into his office. It was my third day in my new role as their new marketing manager.

I was hired to build a marketing department in order to support the sales department, which he led for years. They were failing to hit their sales targets for years so the new CEO appointed me to audit what can be improved and how to build a brand in a more appealing way.

I was thrilled and bursting with creativity. I always felt marketing and PR is a field where I’d fit straight away as I was always playing with words, and successfully so. Realising I’m going to get paid for using words that would speak to someone so much that they’ll just go for it, was just exciting. Or so I thought my days would look like until I put my foot into his office that day.

Four minutes in our supposed brainstorming session he pushes his chair, nervously and aggressively, and asks everyone to leave the room, except me. At this point, I know trouble is coming.sexist

He leans towards me, deadly serious in his arrogance and screams that he will not take orders from any woman. He smirks at me briefly after he speaks the words, leans back and waits for my confusion. I could sense that he is certain I will break down. He is hungry for my fear that will feed his ego and do his opinion justice.

I am sitting quietly in my chair; I am in no rush. So I calmly wait until his disturbed energy gets back into a receiving mode. I love that moment of silence. I let him wait. Seconds pass but they feel extremely long. I can feel the warmth of the sunlight shining through the window.

He’s getting increasingly uncomfortable. It seems things are not going according to his previous experience. I can see the confusion on his face. My laser-focused eyes looking straight at him. So I milk that pleasurable moment of his masculine energy turning into one of disturbance. And then I simply smile. 

My smile quickly turned into laughter. I couldn’t stop my amusement with the stupidity of his statement he just made. Do people like him still exist? I felt as if I just met a long distinguished species. Except, that species now stands small in the corner, torn between his own unexpected fear and hatred towards someone who seems to be much stronger and composed that he ever thought possible – for a woman at least. I can clearly feel his emotions.

As I slowly stood up I factually tell him that he picked the wrong girl to intimidate and that I’m now going to our joint boss, the CEO, to report the exact words he just used.sexist

Wanna come with me and apologise before you get fired soon?” I winked. I could feel his energy shifting to one of a puppy running scared up the stairs. He literally competed with me to reach our bosses’ office first. But he stupidly waited in front of the PA’s doors, as per the protocol.

I knocked on the CEO’s doors telling his assistant it’s an emergency that she will soon appreciate. I was not here to follow any protocol until I am clear this place is following my personal “protocol’s” first. Gosh, how amusing I found his disbelief in the way I acted. I gave him the pleasure to watch a pretty memorable performance that will stay with him forever.

As we entered the room, I declared with a very strict voice that I demand silence and attention whilst I speak first. I knew he would try to twist the story and charm the CEO if he goes first. sexist

My words were sharp and clear to the point. They’ve reflected my exact opinions and feelings. What I shared then is what I share today.

A man telling me in the 21st century that he won’t be working with me because he doesn’t take orders from a woman will not only be reported to HR, any supervisor necessary and any media I can go to that would be interested, that man will also be completely ignored by me so I will be the one refusing to work with him at the expense of the company if the company doesn’t ask him to apologise straight away and will either fire him or closely monitor him in order to not repeat this with anyone in the future.

I will not resign or go away and I will give everyone a choice here; you can either get benefits from my work or you will get public disruption on a daily basis. I will get paid one way or another as I am making this known to all staff the minute I leave this office. And I will draw on the discrimination laws in the UK, so you now have a choice if I’m getting paid for my marketing skills to market your company or if I’m getting paid for my “human right determination” to use against your company.sexist

I got a fake apology and needless to say, they chose my marketing skills but I have reported it to HR, informed everyone so he can hear it and kept reminding him that he’s watched. He eventually lost his job after a number of other females followed suit.

We as women aren’t here to waste our energy on fighting what belongs to us by birthright. The only response men like this deserve is to laugh at their face because of how ridiculous their ignorance is. And if you can show them your passion bluntly, I say go for it and enjoy it. The more we laugh at them, the smaller they feel. 


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