Is there courage without vulnerability? Here’s what experts say…

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When was the last time you felt courageous? Has it involved exposure or risk of some sorts?

According to research (Brené Brown specialises in research on shame, vulnerability and courage), there is no courage without vulnerability. Otherwise, it’s not courage. It always involves exposure or risk.

I totally get this. I lived courageously all my life (with a few hiccups). If you were to ask those who know me well what I’m like, they’d mix the word “vulnerable”, “authentic” and “ “shares her feelings” in their description.

Is it an easy way to be like this? No. But it’s much easier than hiding behind the defence, locked in a prison we call “safety”.

There’s no such thing as safety or certainty. There is also no growth or true connection with a loved one without allowing ourselves to feel. And to allow ourselves to feel means opening our heart to potential pain. 

To be totally you, you must break the chains of “safety” by showing up with your heart. That’s where both courage and vulnerability live.

Tell me, what sparks the courage in you? 


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