Psst… Dalai Lama says sleep is the best meditation. Here are some tips…

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Sleep is one of the many things our society has put into unhealthy boxes and created a narrow-minded form for it. At the same time, it’s one of the many things that we, as a society and individuals, totally fucked up.

Sleep has different patterns for each individual. Some of us might need 5 hours of sleep (most geniuses slept very little but had lived healthy lifestyles) and some might need 9 hours of sleep or more.

Who’s to say? Well, you.

We are not here to obey to some stupid rules of everyone adhering to 7-8 hours sleep (a number that dropped in recent years compliant with the longer hours our system wants us to slave).

We are here to understand our body and do what our body needs us to do. Maybe you want to sleep from 9pm-5am and then have a nap each day. Maybe you don’t need one. It’s your job to get to know your body’s needs, which btw also change accordingly with your lifestyle and stress levels.

And this “getting to know your body’s needs” leads us to the part which we fucked up.

👉 Stop scrolling through idiotic social media content when you’re tired.

👉 Stop having alcohol every single night in order to forget that which you don’t like in your life.

👉 Stop saying yes to things you should say no to and get yourself into your pj’s. 

👉 Read a book, it will make you fall asleep faster.

👉 Meditate, it will put you to sleep in no time.

👉 Take a bath and make a nice cup of tea before you go to bed or have a nap.

But look after yourself first, before anything else. Sleep is not only the best meditation (Dalai Lama), it’s restoring your nerves, your brain, your cells, your heart.

Why would you deprive yourself of that? What’s more important than you?

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