The Mind Replays What The Heart Can’t Delete

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It’s true. If we are hurt because of something, if we can’t understand and therefore can’t get to terms with something, if we can’t forgive but hold onto the pain… we subconsciously surrender to reliving the horrible pain over and over again.

This happens in our mind. It doesn’t allow us to live our lives free from the bitter taste of whatever it is we’re rewinding in our mind. And it affects our mood, our appetite, our attitude, our interests, our health, our energy level, our desires. It affects everything we touch because we become obsessed with that which is hurtful. We try to make sense, we try to reason, we try to go to logic for answers.

My dear fellow humans. You’re on the wrong path. Please take a U-turn. Please be so brave. And please just turn around and go back where your madness started. Your heart.

Don’t be afraid to feel pain. Your heart is so much stronger than your mind. Your heart is home to your strength, which has also another name. Vulnerability.
Sit with your heart. Listen to its cries, to its need to be soothed by you. Don’t ignore it by attending your mind. The mind needs nothing when you’re hurting. It’s your heart that needs everything.

Only when you give full attention to heal your wound by honouring the wound, will your mind find a solution to how to move forward.

This is the only way to heal. And this is the only way to feel.

This is the only way to stay sane.

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