What does authenticity have to do with happiness? It turns out, everything. Read on…

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I’m blessed with many friends around the globe who love me deeply. My friends are loved by me as my family. I don’t know any other way of loving. You either give it your all or you better don’t give anything. authenticity

Yet, I’m also a person with very clear boundaries. The reason why I have boundaries is because I always know who I am, what I stand for and as I love my friends so I love that which I stand for.

I am who I am. And I work on it every day. I need no input from others in the form of advice to tell me who I am. I’m clear on that (unlike many others I see around the world).

So at times when a client or a friend or a family member wants me to compromise my truth, I explain clearly why I can’t do that and why I’m against that intrusive suggestion. If they get it, our love continues.

If they don’t get the call for integrity and authenticity that is not to be compromised, then I burn the bridge.

I have no issues walking my path alone but I have all the issues in the world with fitting in and compromising myself for other people’s truth.

You see, to be truly happy we must be authentic. We must be able to love that which we see in the mirror. And when we compromise our truth, we subconsciously hate ourselves.

Now, tell me, how does this make you feel?

How do you approach this whole idea? 


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